Who will be the next Favorite Chef?

The Heat Is On

One chef will win $25,000 and appear in a 2-page advertorial in Taste of Home Magazine. Culinary creators from all walks of life are welcome to slice, dice, simmer, and showcase their skills while supporting an amazing cause. Will you measure up as this year's Favorite Chef?

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People’s choice

One chef will be chosen by the public to win $25k, a 2-page advertorial in Taste of Home Magazine, and a once-in-a-lifetime cooking experience with Carla Hall to elevate their career.

Carla’s Pick

Chefs will be able to show off their best plated presentation for the opportunity to be recognized by world-renowned culinary connoisseur, Carla Hall.

Hosted by

Carla Hall

Since her debut on Top Chef Season 5, Carla Hall has entertained audiences with her quick wit, culinary knowledge, and charisma. This vibrant chef strives to communicate that food is love and is proud to share soul food recipes inspired by her Nashville roots. Carla will guide competitors on their Favorite Chef journey offering tricks of the trade and tips to get ahead.

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Celebrate, Support & Elevate

Food culture is at the heart of our daily lives, and the James Beard Foundation is striving to celebrate, support, and elevate the people behind it. Since 1986, the Foundation has been working to create a more equitable and sustainable future in the restaurant industry through annual awards, industry and community-focused initiatives and programs, advocacy, partnerships, and national events.

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EXCLUSIVE workshops

From sourcing ingredients all the way to plating and presentation, cooking up a masterpiece is a journey in itself. Competitors will gain access to exclusive workshops where they will discover insider tips and tricks from the most experienced professionals in the culinary industry — including Chef Carla Hall and Food Network’s Chef Terry Matthews (a.k.a “The BBQ Daddy”).

Previous Winner

Chef Sémone Hopkins

Chef Sémone Hopkins, an Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) and Culinary Institute of Virginia (CIV) alumna, took the 2021 Favorite Chef title. Chef Hopkins is rapidly growing two small businesses proving that hard work, talent, and drive can bring great success. “After the win, I received so much press attention, have been featured in newspapers, and have been interviewed on popular podcasts.”

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Make Onions Cry

Sharpen your knives and show the world why you’re the Favorite Chef.