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Celebrating Chefs

The Favorite Chef competition brings together thousands of chefs, home cooks, and culinary creators to compete for the ultimate prize and raise awareness for James Beard Foundation.

the 2023 Favorite Chef

Karen Jenkins

From humble beginnings, chef Karen's passion for cooking was fueled by a heart to serve others. Through unwavering support from her fans, including overseas military members and ICU nurses, she soared to the top. This blessed chef’s victory resonates beyond the prize, “It's more about what we were able to do for others, including up-and-coming cooks.”

Carla’s Pick

Gwyneth Christoffel

Gwyneth, a marketing whiz from Toronto, shines not just in the office, but also in the kitchen, where her mouth-watering plated presentation wowed Chef Carla Hall. Gwyneth’s dream? An illustrated cookbook blending her vibrant artistry with approachable recipes. With this recognition, that dream is sizzling to life!

Presented by

Carla Hall

Since her debut on Top Chef Season 5, Carla Hall has entertained audiences with her quick wit, culinary knowledge, and charisma. This vibrant chef strives to communicate that food is love and is proud to share soul food recipes inspired by her Nashville roots. Carla will guide competitors on their Favorite Chef journey offering tricks of the trade and tips to get ahead.

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Thank you to our

2023 Finalists

Celebrate, Support & Elevate

We want to extend our appreciation to everyone who participated in this year's competition! The James Beard Foundation celebrates, supports, and elevates the people behind America’s food culture. Favorite Chef is proud to support their mission to create a more equitable and sustainable future in the restaurant industry.

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