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MIchele Cole

What an incredible opportunity to be recognized for something I am so passionate about. It would be time to get my cookbook ready!


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Who or what inspires you to cook?

I love to feed people, creating connections and authentic relationships. God has given me a gift (many chefs have it) of being able to taste something and create something new with imagination! My guests often wonder how I can put various ingredients together and come up with such a delicious flavor profile. I love the feedback, it warms my heart and soul!

What's your all time favorite dish to make?

I love making sauces... over fish, over chicken, over steak. You name it! Sauces! You'd think I was french. I am! Here's a dish I love. Halibut baked in oven with just a spritz of olive oil & salt & pepper. Just before serving, top with a coconut cream, jalapeño, lime sauce to jazz the fish up. I will serve it with quinoa cooked in a tad of coconut syrup, chopped candied pineapple & almonds.

What would you do with the $25,000?

First, I would give some away as the Lord would lead! Next, I'd begin to hone in on a book publisher and get a book or two or three published. 1 is almost complete, 2 are in the works. And of course, there's a cookbook that needs to be written. It would surely be put to good use!

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