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William Domenz

Looking to get my (veteran aka me) spice company kicked off nationwide! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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How long have you been cooking?

Have been feeding the masses for over 15 yrs. Cooking since grade school- From feeding kids dinner while sitting to cooking in tents in the Korean winters! Feeding 2 or 100 is always a blast! Last big event was for my Mom’s surprise 70th. Chicken street tacos for 50~60 hungry partiers!

What is your signature dish?

Family vote is a Northern Italian Carbonara. Christmas is Horseradish encrusted blackened Rib roast. Creating seasonings for veggies, meats, and fish. Cooking with anything from avocados to Zuppa Di Pesce, I like to cook it all.

What will you do with the $50,000?

Kick start my business in the arse! Get it off the ground!