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Vincenzo Loseto

I want to win because I want the world to see what I am capable of and the money and recognition is a start!

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How long have you been cooking?

I have been cooking since I enrolled in vocational school back in high school. School wasn't really my forte So this gave me the opportunity to cook for half the school day which helped me drastically. From then on out I was hooked and cooking became my life.

What is your signature dish?

Its hard to single out one dish since what excites me most is constantly working on new dishes as the seasons change. But if I had to choose something I would say my dish from one of my recent competitions would suffice. It was Ora King Salmon with Squash, Miso, and Shiitake Mushrooms.

What will you do with the $50,000?

With $50,000 there is a lot I can do. First and foremost it would help me with my student loans. But ultimately it will give me the opportunity to broaden my knowledge of cooking by traveling, making more connections with chefs/investors and bring me that much closer of achieving my dream of owning one of the best restaurants in the world.