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Nenna Quiroz

I love how food brings us together and right now when we can’t be together it’s a way to show them the love I have for them!

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How long have you been cooking?

As a kid I cooked for my family while my mother worked. At first it was a chore but got exciting when I began to get creative. I worked in hospitality for many many years and then I met a chef who asked me why I didn’t pursue it for myself. Why didn’t I? Then I did! My relationship with my mom was tough growing up and it seemed when I cooked for her things got a little nicer, because she liked my food. It wasn’t until just before she passed that she admitted that she loved my

What is your signature dish?

One? Ohhhhh! I have a few go to if I really want to impress! I may have to say it’s my Enchiladas Suizas! They were my moms favorite and she liked mine better than her. Sadly she passed away before we could have a cook off!

What will you do with the $50,000?

I would invest in a brick and mortar that has take away and dine in that serves Mexican fusion. With an emphasis on indigenous decolonized Mexican food.