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Faith Still

I have worked so hard on my food blog and our homestead while raising four boys. I would love to be featured and to invest in my blog.

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How long have you been cooking?

I have been cooking since I was in middle school. During summers my Mom had my sisters and I on a kitchen rotation. One of us would plan the menu and cook all of the meals for the week while the other two did the dishes. This started my love of cooking which combined with my 4-H experience inspired me to become a Family and Consumer Science teacher. I taught FCS for 10 years teaching foods and nutrition classes, then stayed home with my children. I suppose I have been cooking for 30+ years.

What is your signature dish?

It’s hard to single in on one signature dish since I cook such a variety of foods, but my favorite thing to make is probably soup. I tried to copy our favorite butter bean soup from Taylor’s Chili Parlor in Carlinville, IL. It’s a local favorite there. I would say my slow cooker butter bean soup while not an exact copy, is a winner. It’s full of flavor and the whole family loves it. It’s even better leftover when it’s had time to sit and thicken overnight.

What will you do with the $50,000?

I would love to be able to invest in my food blog, Home Ec @ Home. I have been blogging for over 10 years, but as a busy mother of four, my time and resources have been limited. I would love to be able to invest in technology that would improve my website, photography, and videos. I would also love to improve the lighting in my kitchen and build a kitchen island which would improve my “set” for both photography and videography and provide a beautiful environment for cooking our fami