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Dhruva Thapa

I‘m 25 years experienced Chef & published author of Himalayan cuisine, representing Nepali Healthy cuisine in global food culture.

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How long have you been cooking?

I have a passion for cooking, I have been cooking since my childhood as it is engraved in my culture, we consider food as an essential part of our life and we make different dishes according to our festivals and also based on seasons. Making food is not just an activity, it is an important social, cultural, and tradition. As a professional chef, it's been almost 25 years in the industry. Currently, I am an executive chef at one of the highest-rated Indian restaurants in San Francisco Bay Area.

What is your signature dish?

Food is an integral part of our life and In Nepali culture, we make different dishes on different occasions and serve them to our family, guests, and my community. Food is also our cultural identity and we make different kinds of food based on our festivals and it's a tradition and I want to keep this tradition alive. Momo, Chhoila, curries, Gundruk ( fermented greens), Bambo shoots, traditional bread, and other authentic dishes from the Himalayan cuisine are my signature dishes.

What will you do with the $50,000?

I would donate some of the proceed to Lions Clubs International's Hunger Project. As a Lion I believe Hunger is a problem without borders. A portion of the award I would like to use to develop and experiment Nepali food on a global scale. Though I have been cooking Indian dishes for a long time, my passion is to explore and make Nepalese cuisine Internationally popular.