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Dennis Knight

A former WWE wrestler who retired to follow another dream,fine dining that can be affordable to everyone proving we're more than dumb jocks!

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How long have you been cooking?

My entire life! My grandparents had a restaurant!! My grandpap was a butcher and my Nana was a hospital dietitian but I didn't get super seriously into fine dining when I retired from WWE and met my Yoda-Chef Chris Ponte!

What is your signature dish?

I have many but because of my Nana I'd go with Eggplant Parm!! Or olive oil poached Sea Bass. I have also spent over a year doing nothing but sushi 5 days a week! So whatever anyone wants I can make into my signature 😎

What will you do with the $50,000?

Help my nieces and nephews with college and other rites of passage as they grow up. I plan to put the rest of the money to get my YouTube cooking show started. I will teach cooking and talk with my famous friends (like The Rock, Undertaker and Stone Cold!!) about where and what they eat on the road and at home. I'd lso love to do a Triple D like show about how we eat on the road! ....and with whatever is left horror movie memorabilia 😳 add to my Exorcist stuff!! P.S please vote 4-Me ...🤪