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Adjoa Courtney

I’d love to win because it would allow me to show more people that being vegan isn’t about limiting yourself but expanding your options.

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How long have you been cooking?

I’ve been cooking all of my life, but I turned my passion into my profession in 2017. I became a mom when I was very young, and I wanted to provide delicious and healthy foods for my children. I took a lot of pride in feeding them well along with my friends and family. The turning point began when I started taking pictures of my food and also hosting dinner parties for my friends. Then my son would record me as I cooked our dinners and post them on FB. My content attracted a lot of people

What is your signature dish?

Although I have a broad portfolio of fan favorites, I’m best known for my Vegan Mac & Cheese. I’ve broken all types of vegan stereotypes with my award-winning dish. I’ve been nicknamed the Queen of Mac 😂 for a reason.

What will you do with the $50,000?

If I win, I plan on going on a 3-city supper club tour. Because I’m always creating beautiful content and educating others about vegan cuisine on my social media platforms, I want to come from behind the screen and provide the same experience in-person to those all over the country. Last year when I wanted to do a supper club, I had to put that on hold due to COVID. This money would allow me to finally host the experience but with a smaller number of people for safety reasons.